big Advent house, electrically illuminated
big Advent house, electrically illuminated
product-ID: RGL09050

size: 30.32 inches
diameter: 22.44 inches
electrically illuminated and powered (220 Volt)
delivery time: 14 days
Price: 1848.20 €
incl. 19% german VAT plus delivery
approx. US$ 2069.98

The US-Dollar price depends on the current rate of exchange.
In the base of this pyramid house the drive motor is located. On the lowest floor the nativity story is shown. In the upper part of the house you have four windows, each is for one Advent. The first Advent shows carolers, the 2nd Advent Christmas angels in the toy workshop, the 3rd Advent two angels in the Christmas bakery and the 4th Advent window Christmas angels making musik.