5-storeyed Christmas pyramid, white-claret red
5-storeyed Christmas pyramid, white-claret red
product-ID: KWO70054

pyramid with electrical lighting and motor (110 or 220V)
height: 41.7 inches
diameter of fan wheel: 22,05 inches
colour: white with claret red
Price: 2258.00 €
incl. 19% german VAT plus delivery
approx. US$ 2528.96

The US-Dollar price depends on the current rate of exchange.
This pyramid in the colours white and claret red is illuminated by 12 electrical candles. The drive motor is located in the hexagonal socket. On 3 sides of this socket always two little angels with a songbook sit on the edge. Different figures,e.g. a pastor or little boy with a backpack are shown on the first floor. Above that Maria and Joseph with their Christ Child in the crib and also the Three Kings and an angel. The third level shows soldiers of the Herod. On the fourth floor you can see a shepherd with sheep and on the last level carolers. On the implied sixth floor are 3 angels with musical instruments.