incense cone pipe
incense cone pipe
product-ID: JHS1/14/00/12/E

size: 3.35 inches, diameter: 1.57 inches
metal tobacco pipe for incense cones
including a sample pack of cones
Price: 23.50 €
incl. 19% german VAT plus delivery
approx. US$ 26.32

The US-Dollar price depends on the current rate of exchange.
A tobacco pipe stands for repose and congeniality. This pipe has a round shape and stands on a wooden base. This base you even can fix on dashboards of a car. Made from plastic are mouthpiece and stem. Smoke comes out the top of this pipe, when you place the incense cone with the glowing peak downwards inside, in the designated holder. Ash will be caught in the metal pan inside.

A perfect gift for people who loves tobacco pipes.

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