incense cones oven, red
incense cones oven, red
product-ID: JHS1/01/00/07/H

size: 7.87 inches, colour: black/red
Price: 28.50 €
incl. 19% german VAT plus delivery
approx. US$ 31.92

The US-Dollar price depends on the current rate of exchange.
These kind of ovens were standing in almost every of old kitchens. The retangular shape with a front door stand on a square base. On top of the oven you have a coffee cup and a stove pipe. A nice decoration with kitchen tools, e.g. cooking top, chopper and chopping board you see on the back. The cooking top you can use to cover the coffee cup, so the smoke only comes out the stove pipe. Fixed on the stove door inside, there is a holder for the incense cone. Either you stand the incense cone or hang it with the glowing peak down into the holder. Then close the door, and your stove pipe and the coffee cup will smoke. Included to the incense cone oven is also a shim to protect your furniture.