outdoor candle arch, miner - Schwarzenberg
outdoor candle arch, miner - Schwarzenberg
product-ID: LKS0005

electrical candle arch for outdoor.
size: 59.06 inches x 29.53 inches
material: aluminum powder-coated
including accessory: 220V lighting 15x 16V/3Watt and 2 ground spikes for mounting.
Price: 269.00 €
incl. 19% german VAT plus delivery
approx. US$ 301.28

The US-Dollar price depends on the current rate of exchange.
During christmas time all houses are decorated and illuminated inside. But you can also light up the outside of your house. You can use one of our outside candle arch. They are made by aluminium and are powder coated and that´s why they are very light and weatherproof.